IR Department and DEC PR support Skyfii (ASX: SKF)

IR Department's partnership with DEC PR to jointly manage the communications for Australian data and analytics company Skyfii Limited (ASX: SKF) has made B&T news today!

Skyfii's ‘IO’ subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform turns data captured from multiple sources into actionable insights which help clients such as shopping centres, airports and universities solve challenges like foot flow planning, kerb side management, timetable planning and more. The IO platform is also a powerful marketing system which enables real time, contextual and targeted engagement with customers within the clients' physical spaces.

John Rankin, Skyfii’s Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand commented, “having good support across the areas of investor and public relations is key for Skyfii as we continue to evolve as a public company. DEC PR and IR Department have invested time in really understanding our IO data analytics and marketing consulting services and getting to know our business, which is invaluable as we move forward with educating investors and media about Skyfii.”

Jane Lowe, Managing Director of IR Department said, "We really enjoy working with DEC PR and are excited about coming together as a team again to support Skyfii.

Skyfii's recent run of contract wins and strong pipeline supports our belief that there is immense application for their IO platform and data consulting services. We look forward to sharing more of the Skyfii story with the market as it continues to push forward in the fast-moving tech space."

Check out the article in B&T, here.