AdAlta's Sam Cobb on the company's unique antibody platform

We're honoured to work with some companies that are doing some truly remarkable things. They’re creating products with the power to change lives, and even save lives in some cases. One such company is AdAlta (ASX: 1AD), which listed on the ASX in August 2016 and raised $10 million in an oversubscribed offer. The company is progressing its plans to develop AD-114, a new drug to treat fibrosis.  

Fibrosis occurs in many organs of the body, but can be fatal when in the lungs.  Through AD-114, AdAlta is exploring its ability to offer sufferers of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis a new treatment option, an important task given two of three patients derive no benefit from the currently available treatments.

In this episode of Swings & Roundabouts, host Will Canty speaks to Sam Cobb, the founding CEO and Director of the Australian biotech AdAlta Limited (ASX 1AD).

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Key topics covered include:

•    The potential for AdAlta’s unique antibody platform to treat serious diseases and drug diseases which were previously considered "undruggable"
•    The company’s current status and its next major milestone
•    The importance of achieving ‘orphan drug status’ in the US, to demonstrate the efficacy of its product AD-114 compared to existing products on the market
•    An overview of the experience on both the company’s board and its well-credentialed advisory board.

“We have the funding to take our lead candidate, AD114, to an important milestone which is into the clinic and a deal,” said Sam Cobb.“We have the team to get us to that important milestone and through to the clinic.

And we also have a unique platform – a next generation antibody platform - that has delivered our first product ad 114 but also has the potential to identify new drug candidates that can drug the undruggable targets.”

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