Phillipa (Pip) Thorn

Senior Account Manager

Phillipa (Pip) Thorn has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, communications. brand management, and more recently, investor relations, having worked across the healthcare, legal and design industries, globally.

Pip’s passion is to help clients commercialise their products and services while communicating a compelling story, to enhance their brand. She thrives on managing multiple projects, focused on bringing products or campaigns to market. This includes the development and implementation of marketing and communication strategies, stakeholder engagement, event, website and social media management, utilising her extensive experience across the regulatory and IP landscape.

Most recently Pip was working for an ASX listed healthcare manufacturer, launching products to market across North America and Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the change to a telehealth business model and Pip managed the distillation and simplification of messaging to achieve this.

She also assisted with investor communications and engagement activities, including webinars, announcements, web content, presentations and statutory reports, along with IP and trade mark requirements. Pip prides herself on her exceptional attention to detail and believes that an open, honest approach mixed with integrity, compassion and a sense of humour are the foundation for great working relationships.