Atomo Diagnostics (ASX: AT1) presents at IRD Invest

IRD Invest is a virtual investor conference series hosted by IR Department to showcase emerging companies, and to provide an additional value-add for our investor and client networks.

We are all part of a new era. After reaching a low point in mid-2020, the investment landscape has changed dramatically. Companies, like investment markets, are adapting. We want to illustrate how our clients deal with change and provide fresh solutions to assist mitigate the effects of change.

Our third IRD Invest virtual investor conference ran over two days in late September 2021. We heard from a range of ASX listed companies that are innovating by addressing evolving consumer trends and patient needs. 

John Kelly, Founder, Managing Director & CEO and Will Souter, Chief Financial Officer, Atomo Diagnostics (ASX: AT1)

Atomo is an Australian medical device company supplying unique, integrated rapid diagnostic test (RDT) devices to the global diagnostic market. Atomo’s patented devices simplify testing procedures and enhance usability for professional users and untrained self-testers.

Atomo has supply agreements in place for tests targeting infectious diseases including HIV, COVID-19, and viral vs bacterial differentiation.

Watch John Kelly and Will Souter's IRD Invest presentation in the window below.